The Trouble with Australia
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May 24th 2011

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The Trouble with Australia is the ninth episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


Ivatt returns home and Arthur tells the engines a story about an engine similar to William.



  • Fred does not appear in this episode.
  • The episode uses a different aspect ratio.
  • When making fun of William at Euston, Ivatt and Jimmy make fun of the engine's different name, "Sir William A. Stanier," stating that the latter was used on one of the Duchesses. This was true, as it was one of Duchess of Gloucester's final two sisters built, no. 6256 Sir William A. Stanier, F.R.S., which was a slightly altered variant to that of Duchess of Gloucester's design. Sir William A. Stanier, F.R.S. entered traffic on the eve of Nationalisation in December 1947. The other was the final 'Coronation' class Pacific to be constructed for the London Midland Region, no. 46257 City of Salford, delivered after Nationalisation in early-to-mid 1948.
  • Leander was one of four 'Jubilees' preserved.
  • Australia's brothers were the final Stanier express passenger locomotives to be withdrawn, as the likes of 45562 Alberta were withdrawn from Leeds Holbeck depot in November 1967.


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Episode 9 The Trouble With Australia

Episode 9 The Trouble With Australia

The Trouble With Australia