The Third Anniversary Special
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September 6th 2013

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The Third Anniversary Special is the second short episode of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. This short episode is to celebrate the third Anniversary of the Jimmy the Jinty Series. 


William gets annoyed by two engines. Richard and Roger became curious. When Richard was late arriving at the station with his train, a Caledonian engine was quick to criticize. The two started fighting and ended up remembering their names. Richard then told Roger about Donald. The Donald told Douglas about Richard.

A few days passed and Roger was late with his passenger train. Greeted by a furious Caledonian engine, he responded that he was Roger, not Richard. Roger thought the Caledonian engine was Donald but was wrong too and the engine said he was Douglas.the two parted ways before either could reply.

Roger was resting at a small shed off the mainline when Douglas steam in. not knowing who was really who, they eyed each other until Richard and Donald arrived. The four engines then realized that they were all twins and apologized for the misunderstanding. Donald and Douglas explained that BR was going to scrap them, so they escaped to the North Western Railway until BR hired the two engines for a few days. Roger told Donald and Douglas that one of their friends met Henry at Crewe Works. All for engine were now friends as Donald and Douglas left for home.

That evening, Richard and Roger told William all about Donald and Douglas and told him he was nice. William, left speechless, said nothing.



  • This episode marks the third anniversary of the series.
  • This episode is the first one to use special faces for a few characters.


  • Roger could have looked at Douglas' nameplate to tell if he was Donald or not.