"I'll not let it happen again..."
This article has been protected due to the threat of vandalism.

To request a right you must follow the upcoming requirements:

Chat Moderator

-Must be on Chat daily to weekly

-At least 50+ quality edits

-Active for 1 month

-No kickban or block record


-At least 100+ quality edits

-Must be active for at least 3 weeks

-No block history (one block is okay, if not bad or block by mistake)


-Patrolls edits from daily to weekly

-At least 150+ quality edits

-Active for 6 weeks

-No block record

Counter-Vandalism unit

-At least 300+ quality edits

-No block history

-Active in counter-vandalism work


-At least 300+ quality edits

-Active for 2 months

- Must have no block history


-At least 1500+ quality edits

-Must be active for at least five months (twenty weeks)

-Never have a block history

- Should be able to help other users at the best of his/her ability

-Should understand how to use administrative tools


-At least 3000+ quality edits

-Must be an active administrator first

-Must understand how to use Bureaucrat rights

- A user will only be a Bureaucrat if all the active bureaucrats agree

To be promoted, a certain person must leave a message on the message wall of a Bureaucrat or an Administrator on the wiki after he/ she completes the necessary deeds to be done.